Pre-Paid Funeral Plans

We provide Pre-Paid Funeral Plans in Andover Hampshire and all across the south of England.

Does your family know your wishes in regard to your funeral?

Are they aware of your preference for a burial or a cremation? Do they know what music you would like, or what you want everyone to wear?

More importantly, do you want to relieve your family of the financial and emotional burden of organising your funeral? Then why not consider a pre-paid funeral plan? This will give you peace of mind, and will offer you tomorrow’s funeral at today’s prices.

There are various packages available but all provide;

  • Funeral director
  • Hearse
  • Coffin
  • Third Party Fees (e.g. doctors, minister)
  • Personal Funeral Requests
  • Bereavement Assistance

Please note for a burial, the plot is not included, and any flowers required will incur an additional cost.

If you would like to discuss what packages are available and payment plans offered please contact me to find out how I can help.

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans Andover