Did you know that marriage nullifies a Will?

Did you know that marriage nullifies a Will?

So, you are organised, and have arranged a Will specifying how your estate will be divided up upon your death. Well done.

But, if you marry did you know that any Will you previously had in place becomes null and void? Therefore, should you die without a new post-wedding Will, the rules of intestacy apply. Your previous Will is completely disregarded.

Many married couples (or those in civil partnerships) leave mirror Wills, bequeathing all their assets to the other partner and then on the death of the surviving partner everything goes to the children.

However, following the death of one spouse, should the remaining spouse remarry, such a Will becomes null and void, meaning assets could pass outside the family.

However, setting up a Protective Trust in the Will ensures the children are guaranteed to receive benefits in the trusts, regardless of marriage, which mitigates against this risk.

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